Global Marketing Forum

As the organization moves toward the new fiscal year, the inaugural Global Marketing Forum (GMF) 2022, was held from 29th March to 1st April 2022, to prepare the organizational plans for the Board workshop. This is an organizational initiative designed to ensure that SA Tourism consolidates and executes a single marketing plan for the new financial year commencing on 1st April 2022. The key objectives of the GMF are to:

  • Develop a consolidated global marketing playbook (plans per market, creative body of work, and annual calendar) for FY 22/23.
  • Provide a platform for engagement between Exco, Regional General Managers, and Hub Heads. In addition, the Board Chairperson and the Minister: of Tourism will have a meet and greet with Hub Heads during the GMF.
  • There will be a category for ‘wild Ideas’ where staff will stand a chance to win a mystery prize for their wildest ideas on how to bring the Tourism Industry back online

This showcase will again be brought to life at Indaba – where there will be further engagements with industry and trade.